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STI Diagnosis and Treatment Workshop

Date: Saturday, 15 September 2018

8:00-11:15 (morning session)

13:15-16:30 (afternoon session)

*only sign up for one of these courses: the morning and afternoon sessions are the same.

Cost: 25 EURO
Room: 353 – Third floor of the congress centre

Dr. Adriaan Anne Hogewoning

Dr. Georg Stary


In this highly interactive workshop, our aim is to let both residents and specialists walk away with fresh knowledge and inspiration with regard to the approach of STI. The workshop will in part consist of short presentations with up-to-date knowledge on STI diagnosis and treatment. However, the heart of the workshop is an array of clinical cases on both basic and advanced level.

We encourage participants to feel free to ask everything they always wanted to know about STI, and shake any insecurities they might have.

Topics will include: gonorrhoea, chlamydia and LGV, Syphilis, HIV.

Learning objectives:

Information coming soon.

Level of proficiency:

This course is designed for residents; specialists are welcome.


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Beware of scams

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