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Basic Laser Treatment Workshop

Date: Friday, 14 September 2018

8:00-11:15 (morning session)

13:30-16:30 (afternoon session)

*only sign up for one of these courses- the morning and afternoon sessions are the same

Cost: 30 EURO
Room: 353 – Third floor of the congress centre

Dr. Albert Wolkerstorfer

Prof. Merete Haedersdal

Prof. Uwe Paasch

Dr.  Hans Joachim Laubach


The workshop will be directed to beginners in the field and slightly experienced laser practitioners.

Basic knowledge about laser physics and general aspects of laser skin interaction are favorable but not required. The workshop will focus on vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, laser assisted hair removal, ablative surgery, fractional laser therapy and selected newer Energy Based Techniques.

Each of these topics will be systematically approached by an expert through

1) a short introduction,

2) an overview of available devices,

3) a review of indications,

4) an interactive panel discussion with tips, tricks and pitfalls.

Questions from the audience are welcome throughout the whole workshop.

Learning objectives:

1) to summarize the basics of laser and IPL therapy,

2) to acquire an overview over commonly used laser devices,

3) to acquire an overview over common indications and outcomes of laser therapy,

4) to gain insight into how to choose the appropriate laser settings and

5) tips and tricks how to optimize outcomes and avoid side effects.

Level of proficiency: This course is designed for beginners/residents with interest in laser therapy


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Beware of scams

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