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Dates Thursday, 13 September 09:30-16:30
Friday, 14 September 08:00-16:00
Location: Lobby outside of Amphitheatres Havane and Bordeaux (level 3)

To improve the dermatological health paradigm, there must be a fundamental collaborative partnership between the patient and the key healthcare providers.

The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) actively works to advance this theme with the patient community and strengthen productive relationships with patient leaders to explore how different roles and perspectives can be joined together to extend dermatological support.

Launched in 2015 during the annual Congress in Copenhagen, the EADV is proposing yet another Patient Society Village during the next Congress in Paris, France, from 12 – 16 September 2018 (https://eadvparis2018.org/ ). This year the Patient Society Village will occur on two consecutive days – Thursday 13 and Friday, 14 September.

In Paris we will be marking a new design to our Patient Society Village and welcome the following Patient Organisations from Europe and further abroad:

  • Allergy UK
  • Association Enfants de la Lune
  • Association Française du Vitiligo
  • Association Pemphigus Pemphigoïde France
  • Association Tunisienne “Aide aux Enfants Atteints de Xeroderma Pigmentosum”
  • European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations
  • France Psoriasis
  • Genespoir
  • Global Allergy & Asthma Patient Platform
  • Global Parents for Eczema Research
  • International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations
  • International Federation of Psoriasis Associations
  • Interregional Charitable Public Organization “Skin and Allergic Diseases”
  • National Eczema Association
  • Naevus International
  • Pemfriends
  • XP Support Group UK

In this dedicated area, you will have the opportunity to view the work of the participating organisations, discuss patient advocacy resources and services offered to the professional dermatology and venereology community, stimulate interactions and exchange information.

We kindly invite you to visit the Patient Society Village and take part in this initiative; we encourage engagement and communication between all involved parties.

This is a superb opportunity to garner a better understanding of your patients’ needs and to discuss the valuable work of these organisations.

The EADV will offer two coffee breaks throughout the day; take a few minutes to join these organisations for a conversation and a croissant.

Patient Organisations Session: Supporting Your Patients Beyond Skin: The Psychosocial Impacts of Dermatological Diseases

Time: Friday, 14 September, 09:00-11:30

Description: Do you struggle to find time to meet with your patients to discuss their physical symptoms and treatment? If that’s an issue ─ and it is for so many physicians ─ you likely don’t have the resources to fully address the stigma, shame and other psychosocial challenges they are experiencing. We will explore these often debilitating impacts on patients, and how physicians, nurses, patient associations and other stakeholders can help meet their needs. Join us for an innovative, interactive two-and-a-half hour dialogue session to explore these challenges, hear some inspiring success stories and develop new insights and solutions.

Format: Panel presentations and moderated discussions, followed by round table discussions and group reporting.


  • Identify and explore psychosocial issues facing dermatology patients
  • Examine causes and impacts
  • Examine case studies of successful programmes and resources that have made a positive difference for patients and are considered by patient associations to be best practice
  • Explore new and innovative ways that we can all support patients

Schedule and Programme:

Breakfast (in Patient Village)
Current EADV President Prof. Luca Borradori will be present to meet and greet

Welcome and introductions – Catherine van Montfrans, EADV & Jean-Marie Meurant, IADPO and l’Association Française du Vitiligo

Exploring causes and impacts: Panel presentations
1. Prof. Chris Bundy, Cardiff University, Wales
2. Dr. Patrick Kemperman, Dermatologist, Netherlands
3. Kacie King, Belgian Melanoma Society, Belgium
4. Christine Janus, IADPO, Canada

Panel discussion and audience dialogue

Working towards solutions: Panel presentations
1. Prof. Matthias Augustin, Dermatologist, Germany
2. Susanna Palkonen, European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA), Belgium
3. Louise Faurskov Møller, Denmark
4. Prof. Jacek Szepietowski, Dermatologist, Poland

Panel discussion and audience dialogue

Introduce round table discussions – Catherine van Montfrans, EADV

Round table discussions – 6 people/table x 7 tables

Break to change tables

Round table discussions – 6 people/table x 7 tables

Rapporteurs report back to session attendees

Concluding remarks – Catherine van Montfrans, EADV & Jean-Marie Meurant, IADPO and l’Association Française du Vitiligo

Beware of scams

Beware of scams

Please beware of scam companies pretending to offer accommodation and registration to the EADV Congress (adding a percentage of commissions)!

Only trust information from our official websites:

·         eadv.org

·         eadvbudva2018.org

·         eadvparis2018.org

·         eadv.org/team (to contact the EADV Staff)

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